Nexus Pharma Gluta-1 Snow White Tablets 100 MG Glutathione


Gluta 1 Snow White Tabs 100mg Glutathione Skin Whitening. Skin whitening tablets Gluta 1 by Nexus Pharma which has 100mg of Glutathione is the most effective tabs as it has 100 tablets which needs to be consumed thrice a day.



Nexus Pharma Gluta-1 snow white tabs 100 MG Glutathione

Gluta-1 supplements are rich in effective anti-oxidants. They reduce melanin production, enhance liver function, and prevent alcohol poisoning and chronic disease.

FACTS: Protects egg quality of women with PCOS and helps increase the rate of ovulation; boosts energy levels; minimizes muscle and joint discomfort; enhances the immune system; detoxifies the liver and cells; enhances mental focus and clearness; supports sound sleep and reduces the effects of tension; brightens and improves the complexion


  • Achieving an inner radiance
  • Increase skin complexion
  • Anti-ageing
  • Prevent Acne


(1) bottle Gluta-1 Snow White Tablets
INGREDIENTS: Glutathione 100 mg

Made in Origin Country: Korea


Take 1 to 3 pills per serving With food or On an empty stomach


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