Mistine White Spa Glutathione – Whitening Body Lotion (200ml)


Mistine White Spa Glutathione skin whitening Lotion possesses non-greasy and non-sticky mixture which easily gets absorbed far down in the skin, moisturizing, protecting and nourishing it. It also provides a greater mask of protection against harmful UV sun rays and pollution too.


The Mistine White Spa Glutathione Lotion is a skin whitening lotion which is loaded with immense amount of anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties in order to render lighter complexion eradicating the major skin issues like the dark spots, aging marks, wrinkles, freckles etc. It is enriched with Glutathione which is a white organic extract and Arbutin which assists in the effective brightening of the skin making it smooth, flawless and radiant.
It contains major ingredients like Glutathione which is the main whitening agent for the skin.
I also has the presence of Arbutin which helps in curbing the production of melanin. There is also immense amount of Vitamin C which lightens the skin by preventing the hyper pigmentation and melanin production. This results into glowing and radiant skin for the regular users.

How to use:
This lotion is being applied all over the body twice daily like regular body lotion in order to attain the desired glowing and sparkling skin complexion.
All you need to do is to clean your body and then message the lotion until it gets completely absorbed by the skin.


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