Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream (30 ml)


Renew Glutathione soap contains Glutathione and other important Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Aging properties and Skin whitening agents. Renew Glutathione is a gentle and efficient skin whitening soap that comprises of essential oxidizing properties to give your skin a smoother younger, and fairer look.


Renew Glutathione Herbal Soap For Skin Whitening And Anti Aging:

Renew Glutathione Is A Gentle And Efficient Skin Whitening Soap That Comprises Of Essential Oxidizing Properties To Give Your Skin A Smoother Younger, And Fairer Look. Regular Usage Of Renew Glutathione Soap Will Provide You More Radiant, Pinkish And Beautiful Skin. Glutathione Is A Very Popular Active Ingredient Widely Use For Skin Lightening And Softening Purposes. Renew Glutathione Soap Contains Glutathione And Other Important Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Aging Properties And Skin Whitening Agents.

This Soap Is Hand Made From Scratch, Biodegradable, And Only Uses High Quality Ingredients, Essential Fragrance And Soya Oil That Are Rich In Vitamins, Minerals And Proteins. No Tallow Content Which Is Known To Clog Pores. Hydroquinone And Mercury Free. Apply The Soap On Wet Skin Softly Massage Soap Throughout Your Whole Skin Especially On The Most Affected Parts. Don’t Rub The Soap Harshly. Avoid The Soap Entering Into Eyes, Nose Or Mouth. Keep The Soap On Your Skin For At Least 60 Seconds Than Wash It Off. If You Feel Itching On Any Part Of Your Skin The Stop The Usage Of Soap.

Ingredients Of Renew Glutathione Herbal Soap For Skin Whitening And Anti Aging:

Soya Oil.
Essential Fragrance.

Benefits Of Renew Glutathione Herbal Soap For Skin Whitening And Anti Aging:

Provides Fairer, Good Looking And Healthy Skin.
The Soap Is Safe For All Kinds Of Skin.
Contains Anti-Oxidants And Other Skin Whitening Agents.
Natural Ingredients. No Side Effects.
Improves Skin Texture And Skin Tone.
Suits Almost Every Skin Types.
Get Intense Glowing Skin.
Complexion Becomes Fair And Acne-Free.


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